UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Summary: Students study the heritage in their country and teach each other, then they make guided tours to a place in their country.

Description: Students will explore about the heritage of their country. In the forum they will present their country and Unesco heritage place, it's history, the tales about this place, its meaning in their country's and the world's history. Photo and drawing can be sent to the web page gallery. Students are encouraged to ask each others about heritage places in their country. If it is desired partners can be arranged with another school. At the end of researching, students will take a trip to this Heritage place and make a little exploration at the place, take photos and upload it on the web page gallery. Also students can make the exhibition of the photos and drawing of this place, write the literature issues and science article about this place, explore the influence of this place on their country and world’s life. Making this project student's will improve their skills in many subject, in history (studying the history of the place), geography and language (reading in the forum the stories about the heritage places in other countries), drawing and writing etc.

Facilitator: Ruty Hotzen eh2y42@gmail.com
Country: Israel

Facilitator:Inga Paitchadze inga01.09@gmail.com
Country: Georgia

Contributions: Students will realize the meaning of heritage places for the world civilization, and will take care of heritage places in their country.


  • Students will enlarge their knowledge about the Unesco heritage places around the world

  • Students will have contact with the students around the world by the project forum

  • Students will improve their skills in various subjects (history, geography, literature, art, ....)

  • Students will prepare a guided tour in their country